Performance Yoga Workshop Dublin Sat 1st April ’17.

Orla is back to Dublin this April for an exciting Performance Yoga workshop on Sat 1st April 11am-12.30pm. This session is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about how to effectively move and strengthen your body to Perform at your Peak in your Sport. For over a decade Orla has worked as a Chartered […]

Top 5 Benefits of Evening Yoga

Top 5 Benefits of Evening Yoga  Yoga can be used in your life to affect you in different ways. An active practice can get you going in the morning and calming, deeper, restorative poses/ stretches can work differently at night on a more hydrated body and help you wind down at night. Relative to Evening […]

Tag Rugby, How Sports Yoga can help.

Despite being a non-contact sport TAG Rugby, is not without injury risk for the players. Sprinting and quick change of movement components of the sport bring with it injury risks for twisted ankles, knees and muscle strains particularly in the hamstrings which act as a decelerator when slowing down from a sprint. This type of […]