Top 5 Benefits of Evening Yoga

Top 5 Benefits of Evening Yoga 

Yoga can be used in your life to affect you in different ways. An active practice can get you going in the morning and calming, deeper, restorative poses/ stretches can work differently at night on a more hydrated body and help you wind down at night.

Relative to Evening Yoga here are a few benefits I try to bring to my Sports Yoga students:

  1. Muscles are juicier! You have the opportunity to be more hydrated in the evening than in the morning so your muscles are going to be more springy and elastic to allow a deeper stretch safely.
  2. Nerves in your body will be more mobile for similar reasons to the above.
  3. De-stress, let go of the pressures of the day.
  4. Sleep better. The relaxation, Savasana section at the end of class can bring you into a deeper stage of relaxation than morning classes promoting a deep and restorative sleep at home.
  5. Get your ‘me time’ in the evening.

Listen to your own body. Your own circadian rhythm in a 24 hour period will dictate when it’s best for you to do Yoga. I enjoy the alertness it provides me with in the morning, but I don’t get deeply stretched out unless I do a bit in the evening. I’m generally more dehydrated and stiffer in the mornings so I’m not going to force my body into more intense poses. For me, I can find my physical edge in terms of depth in the evening after a day moving about and drinking plenty water! An important part of Yoga is getting to know yourself a little better. We are all unique and built differently so try out both and see what you get more from!

In my experience the greatest and longest lasting benefits of Yoga are seen when at least 3 or 4 Yoga poses are done at least 6 days of the week. I will help you with that with videos coming in July 15.