Physio for Breastfeeding Issues

Problems some breastfeeding mothers encounter are engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis. Did you know Physio can do something to help!? The primary aim is to reduce inflammation and support the breastfeeding journey. Therapeutic Ultrasound has been shown to be useful in helping to reduce the swelling by providing a micro massage to the tissue along with hands on
massage or manual therapy to the tissue and underarm to assist with lymph drainage. The ultrasound treatment usually takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, it is painfree, relaxing, and does not hinder the feeding routine. I have personal experience of all of the above and will take great care of you. I also have close links with local lactation consultants and we will work together for you and your baby.
Appointments available in person. Location: Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy, Gurtnafleur Business Park, Clonmel, Tipperary E91 XV56.