Tag Rugby, How Sports Yoga can help.

Despite being a non-contact sport TAG Rugby, is not without injury risk for the players. Sprinting and quick change of movement components of the sport bring with it injury risks for twisted ankles, knees and muscle strains particularly in the hamstrings which act as a decelerator when slowing down from a sprint. This type of injury may occur suddenly and be felt as a sharp pain in the back of the thigh usually requiring the player to come off the field. Alternatively it may occur over a period of time from fatigue and tightness in the muscle. In this case the player may be able to play on, but notice that their speed isn’t what it used to be.

Performance Yoga Classes are developed with injury prevention in mind and the hamstring flexibility and strength issues are a primary target of Sports Yoga classes. For example, Single Leg Deadlifts are a key move during Performance Yoga Classes, increasing strength and length in hamstring muscles.


Some injuries are due to bad luck and cannot be avoided but at least you can do something about tight muscles or joint stiffness with Sports Yoga to keep your injuries to a minimum during your season.

Here’s a few extra tips to help keep you injury free:
Most players have been sitting at a desk for the day so ensure you warm up before play to increase blood flow to the muscles and prepare the body for activity. Strains and sprains can occur when the body has cooled down and then has to increase activity quickly. Jog a few laps of the pitch before the game and very importantly before the next round of matches. Injury can occur when there is a bit of fatigue from a previous game coupled with a cool down period.

Stretch at the end of your TAG evening to improve rang e of motion in the muscles. The types of stretches depends on what muscles tend to be tight and varies from person to person. A dynamic warm up is generally better before exercise than a stretching regime. You should only stretch until you feel a slightly pull in the muscle. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat up to 3 times.

Try to take a firm grip of the TAG in order to minimise getting some of your fingers caught in the oppositions clothing. Finger injuries Yoga can’t prevent, just buddy up!

If you know you are going into a TAG season with an old injury that hasn’t resolved or a recurring weakness then get a chartered physiotherapist to assess you and plan your rehab and return to sport program.