Yoga for Surfers Workshop in Lahinch with Tanya Fitzpatrick of Align Somatics


How to save your surfing with Somatic Movement

When surfs up, the demands on the body increases, causing muscles to tighten up. When we do not fully release this tension daily, compensatory patterns can develop affecting our performance. As we surf more our muscle memory can start becoming inefficient and key areas like the lower back and hips increase the levels of tension which attributes to losing balance, slower movement and miss timing.

Introducing groundbreaking movement education, a method of advanced movement techniques that rapidly releases muscle tension and re-trains learnt muscular habits. These specific movements dissolve compensatory patterns through an active learning process of slow, relaxing movements. The outcome; relaxed responsive muscles, improved posture, increased awareness of internal movement, improved flexibility and coordination.


Workshop titles:

  1. Pain-free lower backs
  2. Heal your hips and legs
  3. Releasing neck and shoulder tension


Features of these workshops

  • Identify habitual patterns of muscular tightening to self-correct
  • Learn advanced movement techniques to release and relax individual muscles and groups of muscles
  • Restore muscle function and greatly improve internal awareness
  • Improve mobility, strength and posture


Sunday, 16th of August

Time: 11-1pm & 3-5pm

Cost: €35 per workshop. Book 2 and pay €60

Venue: Lahinch Yoga Studio: Station road, Co.Clare


Clinical 1:1 sessions also available from the 15th to 22nd August 2015


Private sessions are recommended for anyone who has chronic pain, a postural issue, mobility difficulties, or a musculoskeletal condition. During a session, we work with your individual habitual patterns and areas of chronic muscular tension. This session is focused on your particular needs and you will learn movements that you can do at home to continue your progress on a daily basis.

Somatic sessions are gentle and comfortable. You will be consciously engaging in slow, simple movements. These sessions are hands-on and the practitioner will be guiding you through the movements. This session will last 60 minutes.

Conditions that Somatic Movement Educations helps:

  • Muscular pain
  • Sciatica
  • Disc problems
  • Headaches
  • Recovering from injuries
  • Breathlessness


Cost €80 per 60 minute session.

For bookings: contact Tanya Fitzpatrick

Mobile: 086 328 0193