Top 5 Neck Exercises for Desk Workers

I asked my clients what they really want from physio blogs. First on the request list:

‘Neck exercises would be great because so many of us are hunched over a computer screen not to mention phones etc’

I think that speaks for a lot of us including me (straightening up as I write this!).

Top five neck relieving exercises for desk workers are:

1 Neck Retraction. 2 Shoulder Shrugs. 3 Thoracic Spine Rotation. 4 Neck Rotation. 5 Stand Up!

PS: I know it looks as though I’ve seen something shocking on my laptop!

Try 5 repetitions of each of these moves at least 3 or 4 times a day. The combination of 5 repetitions each will take you under a minute (49.21 seconds to be exact as I just timed myself doing it!). And you’ll feel better for having done it. Final tip: When I’m at my desk, if the phone rings, I usually stand to take my calls. Sometimes it’s about finding a thing you do regularly and linking a good habit around that action.

Feedback and questions appreciated. Let me know how you get on.