Shoulder Pain Update.

I attended a great course and workshop with Associate Professor Karen Ginn, from the University of Sydney, recently. The course was held in the Leinster Rugby camp at UCD. What a set up! Research is showing that specific, prescribed and tailored EXERCISE is: More effective than no shoulder treatment More effective than standard physiotherapy (i.e. […]

5 Easy Post Work Out Stretches.

Stretching, such a controversial issue! Are you supposed to stretch at all anymore and if so when? So many opinions, who’s right? With Performance Yoga I aim to get rid of the stigma out there that ‘Yoga’ is all about flexibility and stretching. Because it is not. The physical aspect of Yoga is about returning […]

Tag Rugby, How Sports Yoga can help.

Despite being a non-contact sport TAG Rugby, is not without injury risk for the players. Sprinting and quick change of movement components of the sport bring with it injury risks for twisted ankles, knees and muscle strains particularly in the hamstrings which act as a decelerator when slowing down from a sprint. This type of […]