RTE Lifestyle Office Yoga

As seen on RTE Lifestyle recently, my tips on how to help yourself when you’re sitting at a desk all day. Yoga instructor Orla Crosse is giving us some moves to do at our desks – without anyone, or everyone, knowing! In my clinical practice as a Chartered Physiotherapist I regularly meet people who are […]

Top 5 Neck Exercises for Desk Workers

I asked my clients what they really want from physio blogs. First on the request list: ‘Neck exercises would be great because so many of us are hunched over a computer screen not to mention phones etc’ I think that speaks for a lot of us including me (straightening up as I write this!). Top […]

Office Yoga

Office Yoga. Top 5 Performance Yoga Ireland Moves. Let’s face it, we’re a laptop and tablet generation! I’m using a laptop to write this piece and know my ‘posture’ isn’t great – but I don’t sit like this 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I know I’d have neck and shoulder pain if […]