Sept 2019 Timetable is Live!

Limerick and Clonmel Sports Yoga Enthusiasts, my timetable is now up! Contact me directly at to reserve your space. 7 week course starts the week beginning Monday 2nd Sept. LIMERICK Location: The Urban Co-Op Wednesday and Friday mornings at 11am, mixed levels Thursday evenings at 6pm Intermediate – Advanced CLONMEL Location: Sports and Spinal […]

Nov & Dec Physio Led Yoga Weekend Classes

Upcoming 2018 dates: Clonmel Sat 24th November 11.00-12.30pm Beginners and Improving Beginners Yoga session. Sports and Spinal Physio. Clonmel Sun 25th November 11.00-12.30pm Intermediate to Advanced Yoga session. Sports and Spinal Physio. Limerick Sun 2nd December 10.45-12.15pm Mixed Level Yoga session. Embody Fitness Castletroy Shopping Centre. Clonmel Sun 9th December 11am Mixed Level Yoga session. Sports and Spinal Physio. […]

Clonmel Weekend Yoga Workshop Sat 15th April 12pm.

Following on from two successful Yoga Weekend Workshops in Dublin, Orla is going to hold a 90 minute Sports Performance Yoga workshop on Sat 15th April at 12pm in Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clonmel. What’s a Yoga Workshop!? It is a session ideal for regular yoga goers who are interested in deepening their practice and […]

Performance Yoga Workshop Dublin Sat 1st April ’17.

Orla is back to Dublin this April for an exciting Performance Yoga workshop on Sat 1st April 11am-12.30pm. This session is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about how to effectively move and strengthen your body to Perform at your Peak in your Sport. For over a decade Orla has worked as a Chartered […]

Christmas Charity Yoga Class Clonmel.

It’s that time of year again! Put 6pm Thursday 8th Dec in your diary. An hour of relaxing Yoga suitable for all levels. Join us in Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinic Clonmel and please bring your own mat. Donations on the day will be sent to a local Charity or 2 of your choice. So far […]

Why does Yoga Make Everything Feel Better?

Exercise, or any sort of physical activity makes everything feel good. In this fabulous weather, being outdoors, and a little more active than normal, is a recipe for happiness. It’s very rare we come home from a walk, run or gym session and regret going. Even 15-20 minutes of exercise makes me feel like I’ve […]

Recovering from injury? What should be going on in your rehabilitation package.

Rehabilitation Principles for Physiotherapists. There are seven principles of rehabilitation; principles are the foundation upon which rehabilitation is based. Avoid aggravation  Timing Compliance Individualization Specific sequencing Intensity Total patient A: Avoid aggravation. It is important not to aggravate the injury during the rehabilitation process. Therapeutic exercise, if administered incorrectly or without good judgment, has the […]

20 min Easy Yoga Sequence

I took a little break from classes recently. Basically taking my own advice of finding balance, listening to my body etc 🙂 One of the things I felt I needed a break from was physically doing yoga poses! During classes and working as a Physio I know I was taking myself to the edge of […]

The benefits of: Pigeon Pose.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana / One Legged King Pigeon pose. A lovely pose to help release hip restrictions, try this easy version. Benefits: Hip mobility and strength. Helps encourage breath into the back of your lungs. Cues: Begin on all fours, with your knees directly below your hips, and your hands slightly under your shoulders. Slide […]

Fitness Freak Question and Answer Session!

Check this link out to see my latest interview with Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Richie Kennedy of Fitness Freak!