20 min Easy Yoga Sequence

I took a little break from classes recently. Basically taking my own advice of finding balance, listening to my body etc 🙂

One of the things I felt I needed a break from was physically doing yoga poses! During classes and working as a Physio I know I was taking myself to the edge of what was good for me and I craved a little rest, some outdoors, maybe some runs, cycles, walks.

The first few days of ‘time off’ were easy. My yoga mat was wondering what it had done to upset me 🙂 But, funnily enough, a few days into it and I was dying to get back to it! I couldn’t believe the urge I had to move through some of my favourite and basic poses such as cat/cow, childs pose, downward facing dog. 15 mins was all I needed.

My makeshift yoga mat
My makeshift yoga mat

I thought, if I’m feeling like this, my motivated and patient class members must be feeling this too, so I pulled out my camera and started to record.

FYI: a Spiderman beach towel functions as a fine yoga mat when you need it to!

Feel free to share with anyone you think might benefit from a little #performanceyoga 🙂