Improve your balance with these simple steps.

There is a lot you can do to improve your balance and everyday practise makes all the difference.

To start with, always be safe when trying these exercises. If you feel your balance is poor, make sure you do these exercises with a chair placed behind you and a wall or a kitchen counter by your side to hold.  The secret is to integrate your balance exercises with daily tasks. It will improve with practise.


Start facing something steady like a kitchen counter or a tall chair.

Balance Stage 1
Balance Stage 1

Place both hands onto the chair.

Stand on one leg.

See how that feels and compare it standing on the opposite leg.

If that feels safe and steady, try to do that exercise holding on with only one hand.

Following that progression, attempt the exercise only holding the counter with 1 or 2 fingers or no fingers at all.

Ideally work your way up to holding your balance for 30 seconds each side before progressing to the next stage.


Progress to balancing with eyes closed. BE SAFE!

Work your way up to holding for 20 seconds each side with eyes closed before progressing!


Play Donkey. Eyes open, balance on one leg and throw a ball to someone and back again.

2-3 minutes each side with eyes open and no ball drop will lead you to STAGE 4.


Advance your balance with movement using a simple star excursion exercise. Stand in the center of the room on one leg. Reach to different points with the opposite leg. Maintain solid and steady hip – knee – foot alignment during the exercise. Don’t let the standing leg’s knee drift inwards, keeping the knee in line with the hip and foot as it bends. Use a long mirror in front to monitor your standing leg control and balance.

Balance. Star Excursion Exercise.
Balance. Star Excursion Exercise.


Higher Level Performance and Sports Related Balance exercises should be tailored for your sport and prescribed by a Chartered Physiotherapist. Here are a few examples. Come and speak to us if you feel you would benefit from a tailored exercise program to improve your balance.

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Any concerns, discuss with your Chartered Physiotherapist or GP.