4 Simple Back Exercises. RTE Lifestyle Feature

Back pain? These will get you moving.

The more we learn about back pain, the more we are certain that exercise is medicine when treating back pain and these four key exercises will reduce back stiffness

The most important thing to remember is that exercise is good and safe. Many people who have long term back pain fear exercise, thinking that their pain will be worse during or following the activity. And so begins a vicious cycle.  Every patient I treat for back pain remembers being far more active before persistent back pain took hold of their lives, and I am passionate about re-introducing exercise and movement back into people’s lives to reduce that pain. Every day Chartered Physiotherapists guide people back into healthy, safe and enjoyable exercise habits. An exercise you enjoy is important as it will be much easier to do!

Introducing small changes into your lifestyle such as taking the stairs in work or getting off at the bus a stop early to walk is a great starting point and can have a positive cumulative effect on your muscle tension, mood, stress levels and immune system. To begin to restore healthy back movement these exercises are at the top of my list:

1 Cat/Cow

2 Spinal Rotation

3 Seated Rotation

4 Seated Side Bend

Watch Orla Crosse’s video to see how to do each exercise –  great advice and exercises no matter how you or your back are feeling. Feel like dropping to the floor and doing them right now in the office! 

Once you notice your back mobility improving, I recommend you begin to build on the strength of the muscles supporting your spine. A Chartered Physiotherapist will be able to help you with a prescriptive program.

Keep in mind that long term and persistent back pain can be associated with a number of factors, all of which need to be identified and addressed. Poor sleeping patterns, high stress levels, low mood are all key influencers in back pain. By identifying where any imbalances are in your own lifestyle, you can then begin to address them one by one and lead a more pain free life. Yoga can be a great tool in helping you become more aware of some of these contributing factors, not to mention the physical benefits of mobility and strength.

Please note: Any medical concerns should be discussed with your local GP or Chartered Physiotherapist before commencing any Performance Yoga exercises.

For more information about where Orla practices Physiotherapy and teaches Yoga seewww.performanceyoga.ie and Subcribe to Performance Yoga  Ireland on YouTube.

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