What’s the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

I spent a few years working in the Sports Surgery Clinic with Chartered Physiotherapists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. This is a question we thrashed out a number of times. What’s the difference? And what’s better?

Key differences we came up with:

  • Yoga has more standing and balance poses, the effects of which carry over effectively to most sports. Pilates has more mat based movements initially, progressing to standing exercises.
  • Performance Yoga poses will move your joints through full range safely. Mobility of each joint is one of the cornerstones of movement. The focus of Pilates is on trunk strength and science is ever changing in relation to the carry over effects to daily life.
  • Traditionally, Yoga incorporates a very holistic mind/body/spirit approach. Mental well-being is integral to Yoga. A similar switch off you get from going for a run can be found in a good Yoga class, once you give it a chance.
  • Goals of both Pilates and Yoga include injury prevention, control of breathing, core strength. A good Yoga teacher should and will incorporate all the benefits and gains of Pilates into the Yoga postures, this is our goal at Performance Yoga. What’s better for you? Rule of thumb. Double jointed, don’t go to Yoga – take Pilates where the aim is to strengthen your core to protect your joints. Once you feel you have mastered Pilates move on to Yoga. Stiff as a board, get moving with Yoga. Like any learning environment a lot is down to a decent teacher.

I can recommend some excellent Pilates teachers both in Clonmel and Dublin. If you’d like their details get in touch.

Orla continues to provide Physiotherapy services in Clonmel and Mitchelstown. Performance Yoga Classes are regularly held in Clonmel with workshops in Dublin and Limerick. See www.performanceyoga,ie for more information. Can’t get to a class? Check out Performance Yoga Ireland on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE4osaRQ_lxD7SF1ERd7z0Q/videos