Top 5 Tips for Workers who Stand all day.

Another fabulous friend suggested writing about:

‘A good few of us are shop workers, hairdressers, beauticians that stand for hours at a time, since starting yoga I correct my posture a bit better (when I think of it), maybe some pointers to reduce leg swelling, ankle strengthening stuff, and lower back protection….’

Let’s start with the core and work our way down.

1/ Pelvic position in standing is very important for your lower back. Like we do after Cat/Cow in Yoga, try to find your Neutral Spine in standing. Check this short video out.



2/ Soften the knees a little. Try not to stand with your knees locked straight for most of the day.


3/ Feet and ankles deserve a separate blog of their own (a website perhaps!) It gets a little more complicated down here. Wearing comfortable shoes for you (not high heels!), try to imagine a tripod of weight distribution under each foot. An equal amount of weight distribution between the big toe side of the ball of the foot, little toe side and center of the heel. In this photo I’m pointing to 2 of the areas to put your pressure through, in combination with heel pressure. Note the pair of heels in the background. Not for work obviously!




4/ Ankle circles and leg elevation when you can in combination with staying hydrated are the best all round tips for reducing leg swelling. If you have a job where you are standing  for 80% of the time. Try to compensate for that at every opportunity , literally, put your feet up (during lunch/when you get home etc) Easier said than done I know.


5/ To address ankle strength, stand on one leg intermittently for short periods.Flamingo style. while one leg is up, you can be doing ankle circles with that leg while balancing on the other.


Enjoy! As always feedback is appreciated!


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