Top 5 Physio Post Race Recovery Tips

Post Race, Top 5 Chartered Physio tips:

  1. Follow the P.R.I.C.E. protocol if an injury occured during the Marathon (see below).
  2. Allow sufficient time for your body to rest before returning to running. If you’re not sure how long is sufficient for you, ask your Chartered Physio.
  3. Try cycling, pool exercise, sports yoga or low impact activity to aid in recovery in the first week before easing back into running.
  4. Treat yourself to a sports massage in the week following the marathon to aid recovery and reduce muscle tightness, speak with your Chartered Physio for such recommendations.
  5. Once you know you’re injury free, plan the next one! Well done and enjoy the rewards!

Food, nutrition and warmth – in particular after yesterday’s Flora’s Women’s Mini Marathon and the Cork Marathon are also important! As a physio I’ll stick to the advice above 😉


Protection – the injured area e.g. use crutches, strapping if appropriate.

Rest – the damaged area to avoid further injury.

Ice – the injured area for 5-10 minutes regularly within the first 48-72 hours to control bleeding to damaged tissue and reduce pain.

Compression – the injured area to resolve swelling and aid the inflammatory process.

Elevation – the injured area to prevent the accumulation of fluid.