Top 5 Morning Yoga Benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Morning Yoga

Yoga can be used in your life to affect your body and mind in different ways. An active practice can get you going and focused in the morning, and calming, restorative poses can be used to help you wind you down at night.

All it takes is 15 minutes!
All it takes is 15 minutes!

Relative to Morning Yoga here are a few benefits I try to bring to my Morning Yoga students:

1/ A pleasant wake up!

2/ Stretch shortened muscles you haven’t used all night.

3/ Mobilise your joints and muscles aiding your circulation and increase the production of joint fluid (synovial fluid),

4/ Gentle mobility of your nervous system which can be tight early in the day.

5/ Stimulate your digestive organs before your breakfast, query query improving nutrient absorption!

For example, practice Sun Salutations, which include Forward Bend (with blocks and bent knees) Downward-facing Dog (bent knees), Plank, Mini Cobra and Lunges. Sun Salutations get your heart pumping, deepening your breath to improve your lung capacity and waking up your body. Other standing poses to get you focused and stable for the day ahead include Tree Pose.

Whether you’re a morning person (me!), or a night owl, the good news about yoga is that you can do it anytime you like. Try both and see what works best for you. Videos coming soon with all of the above poses to help with your home practice. See timetable for current timetable and class locations.

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