The benefits of: Sphinx Pose.

Salamba Bhujangasana / Sphinx Pose.

Sphinx Pose. Orla Crosse. MISCP
Sphinx Pose. Orla Crosse. MISCP


Strengthens the shoulders, strengthens the back and core, reduces tension in upper back/traps


Begin lying on your front, with your elbows under the shoulders, palms facing downwards, middle finger pointing forwards and all fingers spread out.

Hug the elbows into the ribcage and draw your shoulders away from the ears securing the shoulder blades to the back of the ribcage.

Feet are plantarflexed – pointing away from you, hip distance apart.

On an inhale, Gently press your pubic bone into the mat to support the back by connecting your core muscles.

Focus on extension in the thoracic spine, between your shoulder blades.

Finally allow your neck to gently extend and focus your gaze on the wall in front of you.

Assist yourself by:

Blanket under pelvis for comfort.