The benefits of: Side Reclining Leg Lift.

Anantasana / Side reclining Leg Lift.

Side Reclining Leg Lift. Orla Crosse. MISCP.
Side Reclining Leg Lift. Orla Crosse. MISCP.


Hip mobility, balance, core strengthener, circulation boost for legs!


Lie on your right side. Right leg is now supporting your balance on the ground. Press actively through your right heel, and use the outside of the right foot to keep you stable.

Bend your right elbow and support your head in your palm. Slide the elbow away from your torso to stretch the armpit.

Bend your left knee and draw the knee toward your torso. Reach across the inside of the left leg and take hold of the left big toe with your index and middle fingers. Secure the grip by wrapping the thumb around the two fingers. (If you’re not able to comfortably hold the toe, loop a strap around the sole and hold the strap.) On an inhale, extend the leg up toward the ceiling.

Breathe here for 4-6 breaths. Keep your spine long throughout and work with the breath. Press actively through both heels.

Release grasp, slowly lower the leg and repeat on the opposite side.



Early post total hip replacement, adductor tears.

Assist yourself by:

Using a strap to help extend arm to foot connection, and/or a wall behind back to assist body balance.