Mid Summer Retreats at the Cashel Palace Hotel

2 dates just announced for our Summer Retreats in the Cashel Palace Hotel, Co. Tipperary. Thursday 20th July 2023 and Sunday 20th August 2023. Imagine a restorative and therapeutic guided yoga class in a gorgeous indoors setting followed by healthy treats and a nice tea or coffee to refresh. 90 min class will be suitable […]

Summer Yoga Videos Week 8

The penultimate in the 2015 Summer Yoga series. Beginners:   Advanced: One more video next week. Classes start back on Mon 7th Sept. Contact orla@performanceyoga.ie.

Summer Yoga Video Week 1

The time has come! Starting today. Each Monday for 8 weeks a new Performance Yoga video will be posted online to help you retain your mobility and strength over the Summer. Some weeks there will be one video, some weeks two! So get your mat out, take some time out and enjoy! If you haven’t […]