Irish Runner Yearbook 2017. Physio Tips.

The Irish Runner Yearbook 2017 is out now and I was delighted to feature again with my thoughts on a few debatable topics! Should I stretch before a run? What you do before you go out for a run is dependent on what you’ve been doing for a few hours before. If you run first […]

Dublin: Performance Yoga Workshop Jan 7th 2017.

In association with Chartered Physiotherapy Led Sports Performance Yoga Workshop Sat Jan 7th 11am, 90 mins, Small group, €30 Get your year off to a strong start Compliment your training Deepen your understanding of what mobility drills works for your body Ideal for runners, cyclists, rugby & Gaa players Email:      PH: 087 0977748 /01 4964002 Personal […]

How Yoga Works. A Physiotherapist’s perspective.

Hi guys, have a read of the recent article I wrote for RTE Lifestyle: Don’t forget to come back to the website for many more related and articles to benefit your health and well-being!

5 Easy Post Work Out Stretches.

Stretching, such a controversial issue! Are you supposed to stretch at all anymore and if so when? So many opinions, who’s right? With Performance Yoga I aim to get rid of the stigma out there that ‘Yoga’ is all about flexibility and stretching. Because it is not. The physical aspect of Yoga is about returning […]

Breathing technique. Why it matters..

Breathing Mechanics and Body Movement. ‘Take a deep breath’ how often have you told yourself to do that? We often do it without even realising. Why? Because the body is actually quite good at self-regulating vital organs if it thinks patterns are outside normal ranges (eg heart rate). That’s a huge reason to increase your […]

Sports Yoga for Cyclists

While working with cyclists attending the Sports Surgery Clinic for physiotherapy: purists, adventure racers, triathletes, and spinners, I gained a valuable insight into the key trouble spots affecting performance. Cycling most of the circumference of Ireland recently with Cycle Against Suicide I know I felt some of these along the way: Stiff necks and upper […]