Sports Yoga Workshop Dublin Sun 15th Oct 10am

Dublin, I am coming back to do another popular Sports Yoga Workshop. This 90 minute workshop is going to be designed around you. Whatever your needs and requirements are for your sport, whether it be back mobility, glut strength, hamstring release, shoulder mobility etc. will be considered. You will have your say before I finalise […]

Runners, such a selection!? What’s best?

What runners will I buy to reduce injury risk? A question I am frequently asked by patients. In short, the legs are more important than the runners! Putting time and money into buying a great pair of runners is wasted if you haven’t optimised your running technique.  Consider lowering your injury risk from the inside […]

Recovering from injury? What should be going on in your rehabilitation package.

Rehabilitation Principles for Physiotherapists. There are seven principles of rehabilitation; principles are the foundation upon which rehabilitation is based. Avoid aggravation  Timing Compliance Individualization Specific sequencing Intensity Total patient A: Avoid aggravation. It is important not to aggravate the injury during the rehabilitation process. Therapeutic exercise, if administered incorrectly or without good judgment, has the […]

Interesting Tendon Information

If you’ve ever injured a tendon then some of this will relate to you! Tendons connect muscle to bone and can become painful.  Dysfunction occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed, weakened or ruptured. Pain is the indicator that something is wrong. The most common tendons I treat in clinic include the Achilles Tendon (back of the […]

Calf Muscle Strength.. or weakness!?

Calf pain presents at one time or another for runners and along with the dreaded ‘runner’s knee’ is common, frustrating and there are a variety of causes and treatments. Calf pain is often severe, building up into a cramp like feeling and can cause a runner to stop up and pull out of their training […]

Calf Length

This article focuses on Calf Muscle Flexibility. The Why, When and How to do it effectively. After a short morning run this morning, as I stretched my calves I thought why not share the expertise!     All muscles have an optimal length. A length at which they can produce the appropriate amount of energy, […]