Saturday Sept 28th Physio Led Yoga Workshop

11am Sat 28th Sept we’re hosting another Sports Yoga Workshop in Clonmel’s Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinic.

During this 90 minute session we will work through all you need to know about transitions from one yoga pose to the next. For example,, in downward dog when you’re hoping to fling one leg up in the air and move it to the front of the mat to gracefully end up in warrior II.. that’s what I’ll unravel for you! Tricks and tips and lots of strength work to get you there. Once you have the basics in Yoga it’s nice to be able to flow a bit more and this workshop will be all about learning the flow!

It’s suitable for people with yoga experience however much you have once you have an interest in learning some detail about yourself, having fun and not taking it all too seriously then come on in.

It’s €30 and pre booking is essential by contacting

I provide mats and there’s lots of free parking in Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy.


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