Savasana, Resting Pose, Give yourself a break!

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/months when you really feel like you need a holiday!?

And, what is one of the things you like to do on your holiday once you arrive… switch off and do little to nothing!

Let Yoga, through Savasana Pose keep you going until  you get on that holiday.

What is Savasana?

Savasana (or Resting Pose), lying down in a comfortable position on your back, is often described as the easiest pose to do but the most difficult to master.  Lying still for ten to twenty minutes a day may seem unimaginable. But you can start small with just a minute or two and work your way up. Maybe when you initially sit down and habitually switch on the TV – leave it off for a few mins – put the feet up and switch off.


A restorative Savsasna allows your body to properly rest – something we rarely experience in our day-to-day over-stimulated life. More than a power nap, Savasana shifts the nervous system into a parasympathetic nervous system state (calming the ‘fight flight’ response and switching on the relaxation response).  All you have to do is lie back and breathe.

Let this video from Yoga Journal help get you set up.

Some of the benefits of Savasana include:

  • Lowering blood pressureClonmel Studio. Contact Orla for details. 087 0977748
  • Stress relief
  • Calming a busy mind
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Promoting proper physical rest and regeneration by stimulating the ‘relaxation response

Sounds good to me, going to treat myself until I get on holidays and make a habit out of this!