Jumping Tips from Frans Bosch

IMG_5782Following a recent professional development day with Frans Bosch, Welsh Rugby Sprinting Coach amount other athletics acclaims, I learned 4 ways to encourage a bouncier jumps athlete:

  1. An erect posture (max 20 degree of knee flexion when jumping). Really good jumpers have 5-9 degrees of knee amortization. These are sometimes known as speed jumpers compared to power jumpers. (Bosch said that power jumpers are just speed jumpers with bad technique!)
  2. Short contact time and little change in joint angles
  3. Pretension prior to ground contact.
  4. Drop height no higher than the jump height of an athlete (you shouldn’t store more than you can unload)

His book is a must read for any serious athletics coach: Frans Bosch – author of “Running- Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology Applied in Practice”. Interested to discuss more get in touch (insert link to contact details page)